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Emergency Management

Campus Emergency Management

Campus Emergency Management (CEM) directs the development, implementation, and maintenance of the College's emergency management program. CEM enables, promotes, and supports the College community in effectively mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies.

Emergency Management-Policy Group

The Emergency Management-Policy Group has been established as an administrative decision-making team to respond to critical incidents that may occur at the College. Critical incidents are generally defined as those campus-wide emergencies that threaten life or property, or those which impact a significant portion of the college community (including, but not limited to, fires, civil disturbances, and weather disasters).

All members of the Emergency Management-Policy Group have a copy of the College's Emergency Operation Plan. The plan identifies and describes both general and specific responsibilities of the various Emergency Management Team members when they have been activated to deal with a critical incident. The Emergency Operation Plan is reviewed, tested, and updated at least annually.