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Kodjo Agblekpe

39th Commencement Remarks pdf icon

May, 20th 2014

Dear Member of Class of 2014,  

We are excited to welcome you to the Roxbury Community College Alumni Association (R.C.C.A.A.).  Our association is composed of members from the Greater Boston, Roxbury and surrounding communities.

I urge you to get involved to keep the legacy for future generation of students.  Many graduates of R.C.C joined this association to enhance the students’ academic experience on the campus before and after they graduate.  An important part of our effort is to provide scholarships for students attending Roxbury Community College while keeping former graduates connected and engaged.

Since June 18 2013, Alumni have renewed their commitment and elected new officers. I am very pleased to be part of this achievement as this will allow us to be the most connected-engaged Alumni Association to support the College’s mission.

My future plans as the President of the Alumni are very important for the legacy of R.C.C. Alumni Association.  I pledged to keep the Alumni Association strong, effective and efficient on the campus by:  

  • Reaching out to all R.C.C. graduates both locally and globally with the best technology access we have today to come to our meeting and events.
  • Continuing to work with the school officials to build the most effective and efficient Alumni website in Boston.
  • Teaming up with Student Government Association (S.G.A.) as required to promote students’ academic achievement at Roxbury Community College.
  • Making sure that Alumni committees and Alumni Trustee members are working with the school effectively and efficiently to support the school mission.
  • Making sure that Alumni Ambassadors help the school enroll more students and increase the graduation rate.
  • Team up with the foundation to create, an Alumni scholarship application this year.
  • Making sure Alumni does fundraising event to increase “Students Aid Program” on the campus to support students’ in need.

We welcome all R.C.C. Alumni to become an active member of our Board and participate in our events.  Your time, talent, and treasure are vital to the future generation students at R.C.C.  You can view upcoming events on the R.C.C. Alumni website or access your lifetime R.C.C. email account for updates.  If there is a secondary email account in which you prefer to be contacted please provide by emailing  

To all of our Executive Board members and volunteers who voted on April 9, 2014, to adopt the official R.C.C. Alumni logo, we deeply appreciate you.


Kodjo Agblekpe
Class of ’09, ‘10 and ‘11.
Roxbury Community College Alumni Association Board President