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Student Life | Roxbury Community College

COVID-19 Vaccination Required for in-person classes and services beginning January, 2022. Click here to learn more.

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Student Life & Student Engagement

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Student Life and Student Engagement is to create an inclusive campus environment that serves the educational mission of the College by supporting student leadership, encouraging active citizenship, fostering and celebrating individual and community achievement.

The Office of Student Life offers programming that provides diverse opportunities for students to obtain practical skills and reflect on perspectives and experiences that better prepare them for achieving personal, professional and academic success. Student Life programming also creates opportunities for students to share their personal experiences, insights and values with their peers. Through these opportunities, students learn the value of engagement, collaboration and the benefits of working together to find mutually-beneficial solutions to the issues and concerns facing our campus, the local community and the world.

Involvement at RCC

Involvement at RCC means engaging both inside and outside of the classroom. This experience provides the student with the opportunity to interact with other students, faculty and staff. Getting involved in campus life can be as easy as participating in student clubs/organizations, attending campus events, working with students and faculty members on service learning projects, or attending special lectures and forums on campus.

RCC students have created organizations that range from cheerleading to creative writing. There is no doubt that the RCC student clubs are diverse and can provide students an unforgettable experience! If you can’t find a student organization that meets your interest, you can always start one of your own.

Why Should I get Involved?

Getting involved is key to your success at RCC. Involvement in campus activities helps students gain important skills. Skills learned through involvement are, oral and written communication skills, decision-making skills, self-confidence, organization skills, resourcefulness, and responsibility. Joining a student organization at Roxbury Community College offers many advantages that you might not get if you’re not involved, such as:

  • Life-long friendships
  • Working with people on committees
  • Insight on different people’s perspectives
  • Learning teamwork and cooperation
  • Time management and negotiation skills

How do I begin my journey?

  • Visit the Office of Student Life. You will be able to view upcoming events and programs, get a listing of active clubs/organizations.
  • Stop by the Student Government Association (SGA) office (located in the Academic Building, Room 130) and meet student leaders who can provide resources and information to help you get involved on campus.
  • Check out involvement fairs:
  • Activities Fair: Held during the first full week of class during the fall semester and spring semester. The Activities Fair allows you to meet student organizations and learn about their organization’s mission, values, and membership requirements.
  • Volunteer Fair: Held during the fall semester, the Volunteer Fair brings community organizations to campus as they seek volunteers for their agencies and programs.

College Calendar: The college calendar is updated regularly with campus wide events that range from campus traditions to presentations by prominent faculty and leaders. (Please see RCC website or MyRCC)Gateway Gazette: News around the campus and beyondSPEND TIME on campus and you will find many student organizations and activities that will spark your interest!