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Mentoring for Success | Roxbury Community College

COVID-19 Vaccination Required for in-person classes and services beginning January, 2022. Click here to learn more.

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Mentoring for Success - for Student Mentees

Mentoring for Success Mission Statement

The Mentoring for Successprogram at Roxbury Community College strives to empower 18 to 24 year old students to achieve academic success. The program supports young adults at RCC, many of whom are first-generation students, in their academic pursuits by creating one-to-one mentoring relationships. Mentoring for Success assists students with the confidence, resources, and support they need to achieve their potential.

About Mentoring for Success:

The goal of the Mentoring for Successprogram is to guide and equip students to overcome challenges throughout the semester to achieve academic and personal success. With support from trained mentors and program staff, students will:

  • Clarify academic goals
  • Develop a plan to accomplish their academic goals
  • Utilize tools to address academic challenges
  • Access appropriate student resources as needed.

In addition, students will gain a supportive network of their peers in the program while engaging in workshops, informational sessions, and fun activities both on- and off-campus throughout the year.

Mentoring for Success focuses on four broad-range student support areas:

  • Knowledge of higher education resources
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Community College culture
  • Strategies to persist through graduation and transfer
  • Time management skills

Knowledge of Higher Education Resources:

Mentoring for Success will provide students with personalized support in accessing higher education resources including Financial Aid with a focus on resources within RCC.

Comprehensive Understanding of Community College Culture:

Through the Mentoring for Success program, students will become better acclimated to RCC and their classes; program participants will develop a deeper knowledge of the institution to make the most of their academic career.

Strategies to Persist through Academic Studies:

Mentoring for Success will work collaboratively with students and their mentors to develop tools that will empower students to maintain good academic standing.

Time Management Skills

Mentoring for Success will develop the skills necessary to realistically incorporate academic success with non-academic responsibilities.

Benefits of the program:

  • Opportunity for personalized guide, listener, and resource to help you through challenges
  • Personalized ongoing support from mentor and program staff
  • Improve your goal-setting and time-management skills
  • Satisfaction in realizing your own academic goals and achievements
  • Recognition for your commitment and work throughout the year
  • Gain a supportive network community among first-generation college students
  • Opportunity to participate in fun and exclusive mentee/mentor group activities and events
  • Develop communication and networking skills through building and maintaining a mentoring relationship
  • Opportunity to enhance resume through your participation with the program – displays reliability, commitment, and initiative
  • Knowledge of higher education resources and better understanding of community college culture
  • Strategies to persist through academic studies
  • And More!

If you are interested in being a MENTEE, you SHOULD:

  • Be a current RCC student
  • Be between the ages of 18-24 years old
  • Be a first-generation student: Neither of your parents have a college degree
  • COMPLETE the Mentoring for Success screening process
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with your mentor and program staff
  • Take initiative by actively working towards goals you set
  • Have a strong interest in your own academic success
  • Be willing to make the time commitments below

Time Commitment:

  • 1.5 hours of Mentee Orientation prior to being matched
  • 1 hour/week meetings with your Mentor
  • 2 semester-long mentoring relationship
  • Monthly informational meetings as a group to gain additional resources
  • Opportunities to engage in fun activities both on-and-off campus