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Microsoft Password Reset Tool

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Microsoft Password Reset Tool (SSPR)

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) is a Microsoft-delivered feature that allows an enrolled user the ability to reset their own password.

Enrolling in Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

  1. Open the web browser on your device and go to the Office365 (
  2. When prompted, enter your RCC email and your password.
  3. Go to My Account on the top right-hand side where your initial are located.
  4. Go to Security Info and select 'Set up Self-Service Password Reset'
  5. Setup the Authentication for both Phone and Email.
  6. All Set Now you are able to reset your passrd on you own from anywhere!

Setting Up Alternative Authentication Phone (call or text)

  1. Select the “Set it up now” link next to “Alternative Phone…”.
  2. Set your Region Code [typically United States (+1)].
  3. Enter Your Phone Number. 
  4. Select either the “Text Me” or “Call Me” button to verify the phone number (only one option needs to be completed)

4.1 Text Me Option 
4.1.1. Enter the code received in a text and select the “Verify” button.
4.1.2. If successful, you will be returned to the initial setup screen.  
4.2. Call Me Option  
4.2.1. Answer your phone.
4.2.2. When prompted on the phone, hit the “#’ key.  
4.2.3. If successful, you will be returned to the initial setup screen 

Setting Up Alternative Authentication Email

  1. Select the “Set it up now” link next to “Alternative Email…”.
  2. Enter an email address other than your work email account.
  3. Select the “email me” button.
  4. Get the verification code from this email account and enter in the verification field and then select the “Verify” button.

Setting Up Security Questions

  1. Select the “Set them up now” link next to “Security Questions…”.
  2. Choose five questions and provide answers.
  3. After completing all questions, select the “save answers” button.


Once you have completed your choice of settings, select the “finish” button to continue to other applications. It is important to complete this step, or your changes will be lost.

Note: You may be prompted for your password again after you select the “finish” button.

To Update Your Settings

  1. Return to Office365
  2. Go to you account
  3. Follow the instructions above for each setting
  4. Select the “finish” button when you are complete