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Refund Policy

Students dropping or withdrawing from classes must complete the appropriate form available in the Advising Center, Building 2, Room 101. Failure to withdraw officially results in a grade of "F" in the course and an obligation to Pay in Full. The schedule of refunds for tuition and general college fees outlined in this page applies only applies when a class has been dropped, as established by the Enrollment Services Center. Application fees and registration fees are non-refundable. Lack of attendance or course abandonment does not constitute a drop or withdrawal, and student will be responsible for the full balance.

The Refund Policy applies to tuition and fees for all students who register for one or more courses at RCC. This policy goes into effect on the first day of classes for each semester.

You may add or drop classes during the ADD/DROP period without charge. The official start and end dates of the ADD/DROP period can be found online ( listed as “Last Day for Schedule Changes”.

Refund policy rules

Withdrawal during ADD/DROP period 100% tuition and fees, less $25 registration fee All courses will be deleted from the student's transcript
After the ADD/DROP period ends No refund Withdrawal (W) will appear on student's transcript

If you have any questions regarding this refund policy, please contact the Business Office.

Policy for Financial Aid Refunds

Roxbury Community College currently has multiple start dates for courses offered in both fall and spring semesters. Financial aid refunds are released via paper check as RCC does not offer a direct deposit option for students. In order to remain in compliance with federal regulations, RCC must release student refunds within 14 days of receipt of funds from the US Department of Education. Furthermore, if a financial aid refund is not received by the student within 10 business days from original generation of the financial aid refund the Business Office will mail out the checks via USPS postal service with the mailing address we currently have on file.  Any returned check will be voided and funds will be sent back to the US Department of Education.