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Knowledge. Enrichment. Engagement. (K.E.E.)

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Knowledge. Enrichment. Engagement. (K.E.E.)

Post-Secondary Transitional Program


Welcome to Roxbury Community College (RCC) and to the K.E.E. program! Our comprehensive and innovative transitional program, K.E.E., strives to encourage and enrich our students’ lives through an all-inclusive education focusing on life and social skills, applied academic skills and vocational skills paralleled with community exploration. This is a two-year, non-credit bearing program that accepts students 18 years and older with developmental and intellectual disabilities who are driven, motived, and ready to learn.

At K.E.E., students are immersed in your peer community on-campus as well as off-campus.  When students begin K.E.E., they are guided through the Personal Goal setting process and work on completing goals and achieving personal growth. Upon completing K.E.E., students have a comprehensive working portfolio, with an updated resume and personal data, to accompany them throughout their lives. 


It is the mission of K.E.E. to provide all students with meaningful innovative education and community engagement through our post-secondary transitional program.  


The K.E.E. program requires that all participating students: 

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Have a documented disability;
  • Provide a copy of a recent IEP, neuropsychological testing and/or other documentation;
  • Have the ability to navigate RCC’s campus independently (with accessibility accommodations);
  • Understand basic safety skills in an unsupervised setting;
  • Abide by the RCC Student Code of Conduct; and
  • Arrange transportation to and from campus and/or work environments.

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, all students are required to complete an application, submit two letters of recommendation, plus hand in a self-written (typed, handwritten or dictated) essay. Based on our limited availability, students who hold all acceptance criteria and requirements are reviewed and chosen by the best fit for their success in the K.E.E. program.  K.E.E. reserves the right to refuse student applications.


K.E.E. Students are expected to:

  • Navigate RCC’s campus and/or request accessibility accommodations independently;
  • Independently exhibit on-task behavior;
  • Allow flexibility in their schedule;
  • Maintain personal goals and vocational interest in the programs offered;
  • Follow safety procedures;
  • Independently adhere to the RCC Student Code of Conduct on and off campus, while on school excursions; and
  • Independently maintain appropriate personal and professional behaviors across many different settings, staff and students


It is K.E.E.’s goal to provide students with a variety of vocational exploration opportunities appropriate for their interests and needs. Therefore, a selection of campus internships are offered each semester. The internships offered each semester may include of the following:

  • RCC IT Department
  • RCC Library
  • RCC Facilities
  • RCC Mail Delivery
  • RCC Broadcasting
  • Rebecca’s Cafe
  • Reggie Lewis Center
  • Follet Bookstore
  • RCC Copy Center
  • RCC Marketing


2019-2020 Application Instructions Coming Soon! 

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